About Us

We help you discover small Australian businesses and creatives because we were simply "over the bullshit".  Scroll down to see our story.


A little about our mission...

Our goal is to connect as many Australians as possible with local brands within their community. The bigger picture is that we will transform how our nation shops and views family operated businesses. 

By placing large orders and showcasing 6-10 small businesses each month, we aim to support approximately 120 per year.

How we support small businesses

Placing Orders

We make large orders and pay for every item that goes into the box. None of that "Just for exposure" bullshit. 

We are supporting real family businesses and from our teams personal experiences we know how important these sorts of orders can be for they not only assist financially but also encourage the business owner to continue following their dreams. Hope can be very powerful, especially during dark times.


We want our subscribers to discover new brands they can love and support themselves more regularly. 

We showcase our vendors all over our social media and email marketing. Our team also aim to make the small businesses digital content they can use. We provide professionally taken videos and photography through a variety of our personal accounts and influencers channels. 


We leave fantastic reviews on our vendors sites and encourage our subscribers to do so too if they love the product. Everyone knows constructive feedback is important, but if there are any issues we always privately speak to our vendors and never blast it online.

How it all started

Our "Why"

In the beginning...

Our 23 year old founder Hannah Moy tampered with the idea of an Aussie self care and personal development subscription box for women in 2019 during the terrible bushfires.

She started making self care packages during the Covid 19 pandemic mostly in attempt to help the small business owners she had met at festivals and markets avoid shutting their doors completely. 

The positive response to the sorts of brands she worked with as well as her "Not just for exposure" attitude encouraged her to make BS Box what it is today. 

Where we are today...

We are still in the early stages of our journey, but it looks like we are here for the long term.

Join our revolution today.